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Gardens Tearooms Catering Platters!

Updated: Oct 18

Are you charged with organising catering for your work function or family gathering? Then read on.... this blog is for you! We have been fortunate enough to be a Rockhampton catering solution for many local businesses and families and would welcome the opportunity to help you make catering for your next event a breezenme talk you through some popular options.

Firstly sandwiches! We charge per round (think two pieces of bread with filling, cut into 4 triangles) and you are welcome to order as few or as many as you like. Fillings will include: Egg & lettuce, Cornmeat & pickles, Ham, cheese & tomato, Chicken, cheese & mayo, Ham & cheese or if requested Chicken, basil, tomato relish and pumpkin. Or you're welcome to specify exactly what fillings you would like. Plus we usually put some on grain bread and some on white bread, but once again happy for you to tell us your preference.

People often say they would like the box pictured.... heads up this is 6 rounds of sandwiches.

Plus you will see an option to make sandwiches Gluten Free or Dairy Free or both! Personally though I would recommend our wraps if your looking for a GF or DF option but we can certainly do sandwiches if you wish.

Wraps! Once again we charge per item and put fresh salad think lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber and lettuce with Ham or Chicken. Our vegetarian option is Avocado and Salad. We usually cut these in half but can do thirds, upon request.

Hot Finger Food!

Choritzo and goats cheese tarts

We offer two options, first our Gourmet Hot Platter comes with 20 pieces of homemade pastries. These are all made in house and will include a range of Quiches, Pesto Tarts and Chorizo and goats cheese tarts. We usually serve these hot but can supply them cold ready for you to heat and serve (they take about 12 mins in a 180 degree oven). We also offer what I call a Basic Hot Platter I use this description as all items come out of a box, we just conveniently heat and serve with sauce for you. Currently are suppling vegetarian spring rolls, beef pies, cocktail sausage rolls and crumbed prawns in this box. With both these options you are welcome to customise the contents.... just let us know if you would just like quiches for example.

Other savoury options include Gourmet Salads, Crostini Platter and Gourmet Rolls and as pictured below our Individual Sandwich Pack and Individual Salad Packs. Because we understand from feedback that sometimes individually plated meals are more suited to business meetings and for bus groups than big platters of food!

Finally sweets! All our sweets are made and decorated in-house! Our most popular option is the Mixed Sweets Platter which will contain 30 pieces, with five different options. These would currently be either caramel tarts, cashew slice, chocolate brownie, lemon slice, bounty slice, custard slice, baked blueberry cheesecake, lemon cheesecake..... just depends on what we have been cooking.

So if you would like to take advantage of our Online Ordering system your welcome too, I will contact you after I receive the order and confirm our availability. You will then be issued with an invoice a few days prior with a link for payment to be made. You will not be asked for payment at time of ordering, I need to confirm availability first. If you complete the Online Order correctly you will receive a Confirmation Email. After the Payment stage (as per below photo) it is necessary to click Continue and then do Step 4. Review and Place Order.

All our Platters will come presented in a box suitable to be served straight from (or transferred to a platter of your choosing) and be enjoyed at the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, your workplace or at home.

Online Ordering is available here! We require at least 24 hours notice and beware we are already booked out for some dates this year!

Collection is available daily between 8am and 5pm. Please email if you would like a delivery option, we can often accomodate but not always.

If you are seeking tablecloths and crockery I'd suggest you check out our High Tea and Devonshire tea Menus. With these options we set you up under the Banyan Fig Trees behind the cafe, we set up the area with tablecloths and crockery and supply the food, you just need to bring any decorations you wish. Actually you might like to read the Blog I wrote on How we do High Teas at the Gardens Tearooms.

Otherwise your welcome to email and I'll be in contact from there.



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