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How we do High Tea at the Gardens Tearooms!

We do High Tea a little differently at the Gardens Tearooms, let me explain.

For starters we hold our High Tea outdoors under the beautiful 100+ year old Banyan Fig Trees in the

There is heaps of space, in fact seating for up to 90 people at tables supplied by the Council. You will be seated in an area behind the cafe, just for you and your guests. We will clean the tables and arrange them for you.


Mother Nature does a pretty good job of providing a fabulous background and we provide all that is required, allowing you can to just focus on adding the finishing touches to personalise your event.

This photo is an example of a Vintage High Tea. We supplied the white tablecloth, mismatched crockery, cutlery, serviettes the client added the vases of flowers and table sprinkles, so simple but yet affective! We charge an extra $2 if you would like us to use our mismatched china collection, to cover the hand washing up that is required and breakages.

Here we have supplied the white tablecloth, crockery, cutlery, serviettes and the customer added the table runner, candles and fairy lights. Once again simple, but very affective. This is all supplied with our standard package.


Given it is a High Tea, we take care of the food for you. We have two menus, both include sandwiches, hot homemade savoury items and homemade sweets. The difference between the menus is the amount of food supplied. Some of our customers would like to bring a cake or food themselves, this is fine by us, check out our High Tea Menus. What we are cooking does vary based on how many guests you have, but standards for sweets think caramel tarts, baked and fresh cheesecakes, homemade slices and scones. I can assure you it is all handmade and decorated. For savoury items quiches, pesto tartlets, chorizo and goats cheese pastries are usually on the menu.

We can also accomodate food allergies/intolerances as long as we are advised when final numbers are given.

Naturally there is a bottomless supply of tea, coffee and water. You have the option of adding a punch if you wish for $1 per person

Number of Guests

We ask that you have a minimum of 10 guests to make a booking however we will take bookings for less than this, if we are already cooking for a bigger group. As stated earlier we can fit in groups of 90 with the Council supplied seating.

What happens if it rains

Yep we are an outdoor location, so we ask all our customers to consider what they will do if it were to rain. If it is forecast we will be in contact the week leading up to your event to discuss your preference. Within the Gardens we can offer the option of moving your group to the Shed near the children's playground or we will also deliver Free of Charge to the Rockhampton / Gracemere area as many people choose to hold their event at home instead. Alternatively we understand that sometimes you would prefer to postpone or cancel.


We offer our High Teas every day except Sunday and have a 10am and a 2pm time slot. It is best to send us an email with the option of a few dates if you are looking to book and we can advise what is still available. email: . Our Saturday dates do book out well in advance. We do not offer High Tea during the school holidays.

Hopefully that answers the majority of questions that you have.


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