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The Gourmet Salads that stop the nation... perfect for your Melbourne Cup Celebrations!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Something we always like to do is help the busy mum or dad and staff catering organiser with their catering needs. You can find our Gourmet Salads on our website to bring the Gourmet Cafe experience to you whether you are at home at the office or enjoying a Picnic in the Park.

Time is so precious that getting together with friends shouldn't be a stressful experience stuck in the kitchen and going back and forth to the supermarket because you have forgotten something. Our Gourmet Salads range are that homemade that you can pull them off as your own creation!! Support another local business and grab yourself a roast chicken and some bubbly and you have yourself a stress free celebration. Everyone is a winner.

To make this possible on Cup Day I need you to get in early. There are three ways you can order.

Any of our salads that stop the nation are well complimented with one of our Dessert Platters. If you do purchase any of our platters and a salad, coffee is on us when you collect.

To follow the Gardens Tearooms journey and all our creations be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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